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The videos of shibashi, taichi 15 and other exercises are offered as a reminder of the sequence of movements taught in my classes. It is virtually impossible to learn chi gung effectively from videos. The space we move in is three-dimensional and the precision of each movement cannot be captured by the camera. A video will record the demonstration of the form as produced on a particular day but chi gung is continuously a living process. So be aware that forms change. Your body changes as you get more practice, so what you may be shown as a beginner may not be what you see from a more advanced practitioner. Furthermore, instructors develop a practice that suits their own bodies and matches their individuality. There are many chi gung videos on YouTube, for instance, but comparing one instructor with another, to find the 'right' way, will only confuse. Indeed, the more mastery of a form there is, the less it can be copied or imitated.

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