Conscious Connections with Clive Tempest




'Clive's Chi Gung classes are a little oasis of calm in my busy week.'
- Healthcare Worker

'Since learning Chi Gung with Clive a couple of years ago my health issues have either improved or disappeared, and there's been a big improvement in my general well-being: more energy, ease and clarity.'
- Painter & Decorator

'Brilliant class.'
- Retired GP and Mindfulness teacher

'Without practising Qi Gong I couldn't do my job as a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist, it nourishes and balances my Qi, enabling me to work more effectively.'
- Acupuncturist

'Clive's gently progressive and meticulous training has taken me from absolute beginner, trying to work out which limb goes where, to having a practice which is subtly enhancing my sense of well being and grounded presence, especially valuable in my work. The direct experience of the natural energies within and around us is well worth the effort!'
- Psychotherapist

'For a few days after the retreat I was just flowing in loving spirit like I have had wings.'
- Visual Artist

'I ordered all the recordings . . . They are magnificent. They are an endless treasure chest, always something new opening up each time I listen. How wonderful it is to be able to listen to Clive's intelligent talk at home again and again, and live the insights I get from them in my own everyday life. That's what it's all about.''
- Retired Psychologist

'It is my great good fortune to have found Clive Tempest's Chi Kung classes. As well as his formidable skills as a practitioner, he is a truly gifted teacher. His appreciation of the depth of the art of Chi Kung is inspiring. His attention to detail as an instructor has enabled me to experience more of the physical feelings of relaxation and bliss that draw people to learn about this art. I am so pleased his classes are within easy travelling distance.'
- FengShui Consultant

'This class could change your life.'
- Bodywork Therapist

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