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Classes, workshops and retreats with Clive Tempest in Taunton, Somerset, UK, and in Finland

Chigung or qigong is the basis of taichi. Its postures and movements provide a gentle form of exercise that is both relaxing and energising. In taichi the exercises are practised in sequence to promote wellbeing and a balanced approach to life.

Clive Tempest uses chigung as a practice for living more consciously and helps you appreciate the principles encoded in the taichi forms. These principles are founded in the ancient wisdom of taoist sages and can still guide us day to day.

Conscious Connections workshops and retreats. Opportunities to go deeper into the meditative qualities of the practice, connecting the physical exercises to the bigger picture of everyone's life. Chigung practice can be seen as the groundwork for living more consciously, which means being relatively free of psychological stress - free enough to know the purpose of your life and be fulfilled in whatever you do. Talks, workshops and retreats are held to develop this aspect of the work. Recordings of these events are available for download on the Audio page. There are also two online training courses that you can stream to your computer, tablet or phone: The Course in Conscious Living and Time for Change.

CHIGUNG CLASSES - Cheddon Fitzpaine

BEGINNERS 8 May - 12 June 10-11am

ADVANCED 8 May - 12 June 11.15am-12.30pm


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