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Speaking of solar chi and earth energy in Dunster Churchyard during the Chi Gathering event April 2012.  You can say the balls of light and the purple orb are camera effects. But are they?


Lives in Somerset, England. He’s been using meditation, chi work and practical spiritual teachings for over thirty years. For most of that time he had a close personal and professional association with the Australian spiritual teacher Barry Long.

In chi work his instructors have been Master Chu King Hung (Yang Family Tai Chi), Anthony Horrocks (for medical chi gung), Bruce Frantzis (Taoist Lineage Master) and Sifu Wing Cheung (for Shibashi). He is a certified Shibashi instructor for the Tai Chi, Qigong and Feng Shui Institute.

The chi gung sets he uses include: Shibashi, Opening the Energy Gates, Dragon and Tiger, Taichi 15 and The Marriage of Heaven and Earth. Classes may also include standing chi gung, walking chi gung and push hands. In the advanced classes the focus is mainly on developing the perception of chi and discovering and applying the taichi principles embodied in the exercises.

He also helps individuals with their self-knowledge and healing. His approach is based on his own experience and may include personal advice, practical exercises and working with dreams.  He learned healing techniques from Anthony Horrocks, Bruce Frantzis (Tui Na Pulsing) Sandra Hillawi (EFT) and Paul Wong (Chinese Energetics).

Educated at University College Oxford and Manchester University, his early career was in theatre management and arts administration with a focus on experimental theatre and new plays. After working for The Arts Council of Great Britain he created and ran The New Theatre Workshops, an influential laboratory for the professional performing arts supported by The Gulbenkian Foundation. He met Barry Long in London in 1979 and subsequently managed his publishing and international teaching programmes. He continues to act as Barry Long’s editor and literary agent.

In 2008 he began leading the weekly Chi Gung Group at Hestercombe Gardens, near his home.  In 2009 friends in Finland invited him to teach a series of workshops – ‘Conscious Connections’. At these events he uses chi gung to investigate the dynamic nature of consciousness and describes the ‘bigger picture’, to which we all contribute our individual lives.


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