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These recordings support you in living a more conscious life. They help you connect with the energy required to make the transition from the psychological life.

Please note that the recordings marked [B] were made at retreats or events and can also be purchased within bundles in the category Retreats, Workshops & Classes.


Where's Your Head?

An audio programme of three bundled mp3s, to clear your head of doubt and anxiety, to amplify your awareness and accelerate your perception.

Is thinking necessary? Is intelligence cleverness? What happens in the body when we become psychologically weak and insecure? What can we do to be mentally stronger? How can we make the brain more efficient? We can stop overthinking and mental stress if we can correct neck posture.

Clive Tempest speaks about intelligence, awareness, consciousness, the mind, the intellect, the brain, thought and thinking, and why even the cleverest people might benefit from having an empty head.

Part One: Amplifying your awareness. 46 mins
Part Two: A meditative exercise to consciously integrate your awareness with your inner space. 26 mins
Part Three: Two dialogues about speculative thinking, analytical thought, the intellect and how to trust your intelligence. 46 mins

This programme is based on a video conference call to a group in Finland, 15 August 2020. The cost for the bundle of three mp3s - two hours of listening in total - 15.


Chi Gung: Principles & Practice

A programme of four recordings. A step-by-step briefing on what you need to know about chi gung, chi and how it works. Add a new dimension to your practice through greater awareness of what you're doing and why.

1. Chi and the Body: How chi accumulates in your personal 'energy architecture'. 80 mins.
2. Chi and Wellbeing: The benefits and qualities of chi gung exercise. 57 mins
3. Chi and Space: The chi of nature and universal chi. 55 mins
4. Chi and Intention: The practice of 'going vertical'. 27 mins

The whole programme, recorded in October and November 2019, is a bundle of four mp3s, over three and a half hours of listening, for a total price of 30. Full details here.


The Power of Chi: An Introduction to Nei Gung

A Course of Seven Lessons recorded at classes with the Taunton Chi Gung Group January-February 2019. Each recording is around 50-60 minutes long and includes exercises and meditations, with instruction in how to breath in chi and increase your awareness of the space in your body. The course is available in two bundles of mp3s. Please note that the recording quality improves as the series continues.

'In Chi Gung we use movements of the body to activate our nervous system so that we can begin to detect the entry of pure energy, or chi, from external space into our inner space. Nei Gung is the process of working with that chi once it's inside the body - working with it to clarify, to empty, to discharge anything that we're holding onto from the outer world.'

Nei Gung: One, Two, Three and Four The primary conscious connection, scanning the energy body, drawing chi from the breath, the seated presence, dropping the mask of personality, working with the chi to free sadness and anxiety in the upper burner.
30 for four mp3s

Nei Gung: Five, Six and Seven Increased awareness of energy circuits in the body, opening up inner space, working with the power of chi to deal with reservations and dread, breathing from the middle burner, resonance, delegating the breathing to accumulated chi, the residence of chi in the lower burner, the fire that consumes the past, the Rod of Authority, the Ring of Unity and the Orb of Power.
24 for three mp3s


The Nynehead Court Workshops: The Blessing Chi

Recorded over two weekends at Nynehead Court, Somerset, 1415 April and 2627 May 2018. Details of the event here.

Nynehead Nei Gung: One There are three parts to this recording: Identifying the difference between the space in us and the stuff in us by breathing in chi; meditating on the space and recognising the principles that free it in us; using the power of the space to dispel problems.
108 minutes. 10 [B]

Nynehead Nei Gung: Two There are two parts: Raising the chi, perceiving it and entering its space; invoking the blessing chi to purge the past and liberate the enjoyment of life.
130 minutes. 10 [B]


Nei Gung at Buckland Hall

Six nei gung sessions recorded during five days in a large mansion in the Brecon Beacons of Wales, April 28 to May 2 2019.>

Buckland Hall Nei Gung One 56 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Nei Gung Two 45 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Nei Gung Three 55 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Nei Gung Four 75 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Nei Gung Five 33 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Nei Gung Six 51 minutes. 10 [B]


Nei Gung Sessions at Smokeham Farm

Two morning sessions recorded at an Autumn Retreat in the Quantock Hills of Somerset 15-19 October 2018.

The Chi of Breath How to increase and develop your perception of chi using 'chi breathing'. An outline of the basic practice. Participate as you listen.
61 minutes. 10 [B]

The Chi of Sound Using the resonance of vocal sound to stimulate your chi, balance it in the energy centres of the body and enhance your wellbeing; developed from the traditional Chi Gung practice of The Six Healing Sounds. Listen and then join in as the group learn to make the sounds for themselves. Each sound is repeated several times to allow you to absorb the resonance and experience the benefit.
57 minutes. 10 [B]



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