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Personal sessions to support your self-knowledge

Chi gung is 'doing things with chi' - with the vital energy of the sun and the earth. It begins with 'waving your arms about slowly', but as the chi accumulates it connects more and more readily with the body's natural intelligence. Then, by applying clarity or insight, a power of conscious chi gradually becomes available. And it can be consciously used to promote wellbeing and support self-knowledge. It can intervene in the narrative of a person's life to change long-held attitudes and habits. It can dissolve deep-seated psychic and psychological stress and relieve physical discomfort. Ultimately chi gung is a way of healing.

Various approaches are used: a brief talk, a meditation together, the release of tension through 'inner chi gung', perhaps some very gentle massage of the hands or feet, and 'hands-off' use of both projected and reflective chi.

To discuss arranging a session email: and supply phone number. Sessions can be done on Skype, if necessary.


"There's always a bigger picture.
And yet again, a finer truth."


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