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The Hestercombe Chi Gung Group

At The Memorial Hall, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, Somerset TA2 8JY
Wednesday mornings 11am - 12.15pm.

Four Classes in June
9 - 30 June (4 weeks)
After the pandemic closed classes for over a year, we began again in June - beginning at the beginning with four sessions focusing on some basic elements of chi gung and tai chi movement. Complete beginners welcomed. Cost £30 for four classes. If you can only attend three sessions, there's a discount of 5 using code 3CLASS at the checkout.

Summer Classes Outdoors
Two free outdoor practice sessions on Wednesday mornings at 11am 28 July and 25 August in the grove near The Memorial Hall for people who attended the June classes.

Energy Architecture: Essential Elements
8 September - 13 October (6 weeks)
Six sessions to build a stronger perception of chi by establishing the 'energy architecture of the body', with foundations in the feet, principal alignments that allow your vital energy to flow easily and flexible 'energy gates' regulating the flow. Rather than teach long or complicated sets of movement we break down the movements into units and focus on creatively combining them. We'll focus on three movements from a set called 'Gods Playing in the Clouds'. You'll become more aware of the essential elements that comprise all movements in chigung and taichi. This approach is as useful for advanced practitioners as it is accessible to complete beginners. Cost £45 for six classes. If you can only attend five sessions, there's a discount of £5 using code 5CLASS at the checkout.

Chi Gung: Moving Circles
27 October - 24 November (5 weeks)
With the energy architecture of the body grounded on the earth, and its building blocks in place, we can start to move with the flow of chi. We'll be working with the energy contained in circling, rotating and spiralling the arms. You'll learn three new movements, to complete the set begun in the last series of classes. They'll be an emphasis on synchronising the essential elements in each movement. This class is not suitable for complete beginners. Cost £37.50 for five classes. If you can only attend four sessions, there's a discount of £5 using code 5CLASS at the checkout.

More About Chi Gung with Clive Tempest.
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Summer Chi Gathering in Finland

Four-day Residential Retreat
Labbnäs, Kimito, Finland
12 - 15 August 2021

The Retreat begins with lunch on Thursday August 12 - arrive by 12.30 - and finish at 16.00 on Sunday.

Because of Covid restrictions on travel and gatherings, the event at Labbnäs this year was arranged provisionally - subject to a last-minute go ahead - and reservations were taken. It will now take place. If you already reserved your place you can confirm you're coming by booking your room at Labbnäs and paying the fee. If you did not reserve a place already, there may still be room - please enquire.

The fee is 250. Booking closed.

Accommodation and meals: Single 310 Sharing 280. The payment to Labbnäs is due on 5 August.

Then all you have to do is inform Iina Pennanen by email on or before 5 August what accommodation you have booked (single / sharing) and provide any special requirements you have (diet or rooming arrangements).

Letter from Clive to Participants:
"It is two years since I was last in Finland and I haven't been back to Labbnäs since 2018. My work has evolved in that time. I still use chigung to help bring new energy into you and I still speak about living a more conscious life, relatively free of psychological stress. But as the world changes around us we face increasing uncertainty and pressure from events. In many ways change is overdue. We must change. But we need the strength and the will to withstand the pressure. I will be speaking about uncertainty and change; what can be known and what cannot be known; the pressure on us to account for ourselves, and to protest and complain; and how to manage the tension of living alongside people at home or at work who are stressed and anxious. We will probably not be using any complicated chigung exercises. I am 'deconstructing' chigung to identify the basic elements or 'building blocks' that form most movements in taichi - to arrive at simple energy-raising exercises that anyone can do, once they have learned the alphabet of the practice. I am in the early stages of this experiment. (It will be like starting all over again). We will also just sit doing nothing - in a time of change and pressure there is a tremendous strength in having nothing going on, no momentum, no pressure. That brings the strength to live with uncertainty."

This event is subject to last minute cancellation because of Covid conditions at the time.

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Autumn Retreat

Monday 18 October to Friday 22 October 2021

Five days in a lovely villa on the South Coast of England, in its own beautiful grounds a few minutes' walk from the sea. The practice of conscious living with a chi gung class in the morning followed by nei gung meditation, talks and dialogues. Vegetarian/vegan cuisine. The retreat is easy to reach by train from London and from Gatwick airport. Cost: 575/675 fully inclusive of acommodation, all meals and course fee. Booking now open.

See full details

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