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The Hestercombe Chi Gung Group

Wednesday mornings 10.30am - 12pm.
The Memorial Hall, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, Somerset TA2 8JY.

This is for practitioners who have learnt several chi gung forms in previous classes and have some experience of nei gung. Courses on a particular theme, each lasting for six or seven weeks. Cost £50 paid in advance for seven weeks of classes, and £45 for six classes. Pay when you register at the first session or online in advance.

4 January - 15 February
8 March - 12 April
10 May - 21 June
6 September - 18 October
15 November - 20 December

Practice Sessions
From Easter until late October, there are usually chi gung practice sessions in Hestercombe Gardens on Saturday mornings. We set off into the gardens from the ticket office at 10.15am and practise for about an hour. Anyone who practises shibashi taichi may attend. Sessions are free but Hestercombe entrance charge applies. To check if practice is happening on a particular day contact Elena 07526 158739 or Amelia 07986 084176.

Hestercombe Gardens

Read more about the Hestercombe Chi Gung Group here.


Taunton Chi Gung Group

Thursday evenings 7.00-8.15pm.
The Friends Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4EP.

5 January - 16 February
9 March - 13 April
7 September - 19 October
16 November - 21 December

This class is for people who have already learnt the basic Shibashi Taichi form with Clive Tempest and who wish to refine and improve their practice. In the Spring we also worked on a set called The Marriage of Heaven and Earth. This practice helps you to work with the principles of expansion and contraction, lengthening and grounding. In the Autumn the emphasis is on the Taichi 15 set which can be used to bring more attention to the space within which we work and the dantian as the moving centre of that space. Cost £50 paid in advance for seven weeks of classes, and £45 for six classes.

Contact Amelia 07986 084176 /


Introduction to Shibashi Taichi

Learn the eighteen movements of Shibashi Taichi over the course of one weekend; a set of exercises drawn from different taichi traditions, designed to promote well-being in a more efficient body. The course includes an introduction to essential principles of posture and of the energy-architecture of the body. This is the entry level course for beginners and gives access to classes with the Taunton Chi Gung Group (Thursday evenings) and Saturday morning practice in Hestercombe Gardens (Easter to October). Introductory courses are arranged once or twice a year. Limited numbers per course allow for individual attention. Please get your name on the list to be informed of the next course: advance booking is essential. More about Shibashi here

Summer Course

Friday 28 July, 7 - 9.30pm
Saturday 29 July, 2.30 - 6.30pm
Sunday 30 July, 11am - 6pm

At Brittons Ash Community Hall, Bridgwater Road, Bathpool, Taunton, Somerset TA2 8FT

Cost £95. To book contact Amelia 07986 084176 /

'Since learning Chi Gung with Clive a couple of years ago my health issues have either improved or disappeared, and there's been a big improvement in my general well-being: more energy, ease and clarity.' — Member, Hestercombe Group.

Read what other people say here


The Course in Conscious Living

At The Friends Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4EP.
2.30-5.30pm. 10.

Sundays 15 January, 12 February, 12 March, 9 April, 14 May, 4 June, 16 July

A series of meetings promoting a conscious connection to what is most real in our lives, and to support individuals with the challenges facing them, through talks, dialogues, feedback and the practice of certain exercises and disciplines. Meetings on Sunday afternoons once a month until July when the course concludes.

The theme from January to April 2017: 'The Next Step'. Our individual existence is increasingly fragmented while our civilisation becomes ever more global. The next step concerned the defragmention of our perception so we can be more at one with reality.

The theme of the last three meetings, May, June and July: The final steps in the last stage of the evolutionary process in which we become a true individual able to withstand the psychic pull towards living in the past or dreaming of the future.

A recording of the last meeting in this series can be downloaded as an mp3. It includes a summation of the whole course. There has been a demand for recordings of the meetings to be released and this is the first to be made publicly available. You can download it for 10 here


The Practice of Living More Consciously

How to live more consciously and escape from the psychological pressure of daily life.

Conscious Living - As It Happens

Sundays 24 September & 26 November

At The Friends Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4EP.
2.30-5.30pm. 10.

Two meetings following on from The Course in Conscious Living.
What happens when you shift out of the robotic brain and habitual behaviour?
How to turn what was negative into positive energy.

The recording of the September meeting can be downloaded as an mp3 here

The recording of the November meeting can be downloaded as an mp3 here



The Coming of the New

Residential Retreat
Friday 21 April to Thursday 27 April 2017
Dunford House, West Sussex, UK

Chi gung and talks at a country house in the South Downs National Park. Option to attend only the core sessions from Saturday morning to Tuesday afternoon.

Full details here


The Perception of Chi

Two Workshop Days
At The Village Hall, Ritherdons Lane, Langford Budville, Somerset TA21 0RL
55 per workshop including lunch at The Martlet Inn.

The Perception of Chi: One
Saturday 23 September, 10am - 5.30pm
How to detect your chi and become aware of your body as a field of energy.

The Perception of Chi: Two into One
Saturday 25 November, 10am - 5.30pm
Becoming aware of your chi as the means of uniting your body and psyche.



What Is There to Change?

Evening Talk
Friday 24 February 2017, 18.00-21.00
Pitsku Culture Church, Henrikintie 25, 00370 Helsinki.

25 in advance. 30 at the door.


Conscious Connections: The Next Step

Residential Weekend
25-26 February 2017
The Sopukka Residential Centre, near Helsinki, Finland.

The next step is the return to a basic principle of chi gung described in the phrase 'one body, one action'. We will work with exercises and nei gung practice to see what this means in practical terms. And then look at how to apply the principle in daily life. Our object is to defragment ourselves . . . More here

Registration: Saturday 10.00. Departure: Sunday 17.00.
Fee: €140 Residential cost: €129 (€10 single supplement if rooms available)
Deposit: €50 payable on booking. Non-refundable.
Balance due no later than 15 February.
Book now or as soon as you can to be sure of a place. To make best use of this course you need to have been practising Shibashi Taichi as taught by Clive Tempest or Sifu Wing Cheung (online video course here)


Summer Chi Gathering

Five-day Residential Retreat
Friday 30 June to Monday 3 July or stopover to Tuesday 4 July 2017
Labbnäs, Kimito, Finland.

Exercises to develop a finer perception of chi and talks on living more consciously.

For all details see Chi Gathering


The Perception of Chi: 'Two Into One'

Residential Weekend
10-12 November 2017
The Sopukka Residential Centre, Sipoo, Helsinki, Finland.

How we can become more integrated, more true to our individuality, by perceiving the connection between the physical and the psychic in us. Simple chi gung exercises, talks and dialogues to make the connection more conscious. For anyone who is drawn to this kind of investigation, even if you do not yet have a perception of what chi is or how it can be used for self-healing.

'Escaping from the psychological life, we encounter a new freedom, the chance to be free of separation and division, to be at one with our bodies and the situations in which we find ourselves, and to know the love of that melding when 'two become one'.

Registration: Friday 18.00. Departure: Sunday 16.30.
Fee: €170 (or €150 if booked before 1.10.17)
Two nights accommodation and meals: €200 (€10 single supplement if rooms available)



Classes continue in Taunton. There will be a Chi Gathering at Midsummer at Labbnas and an Autumn Retreat in England in October. The details of these and other events are here.



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