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Weekly Classes with the Hestercombe Chi Gung Group

at The Memorial Hall, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton
Wednesday mornings:  10.30-11.30 and 11.45-12.45

 9 January - 27 March
 8 May - 24 July
 9 October - 18 December

Plus occasional practice sessions in Hestercombe Gardens.
Group Membership £50 a season.
Beginners are welcome to join the 10.30 class at the start of each season.


Retreats at Eastcott Barn

Specialised coaching in chi gung and guidance in conscious living.
Arranged for individuals or small groups (up to seven people).
Designed to assist and support you in times of change. 
Personal sessions using chi healing and ‘conscious connections’.
To help you find new purpose in life and overcome whatever holds you back.

At the same time take full advantage of all that Eastcott has to offer: a sheltered place of peace and quiet, in a secluded Devon valley, with good food, walks in the countryside and the personal attention of your caring host, psychotherapist and sound-healer Jennifer Ash.

 25-27 January
 15-17 March
 19-21 July   
 18-20 October
 Other dates by arrangement

If you want time on your own, away from your daily life, individual retreats can be arranged, especially mid-week.

The basic cost is £100 (full board and fees) per 24hrs. To some extent, and for individual retreats, this is negotiable. We can customise your retreat and individually tailor the programme to suit your requirements and the length of your stay. Massage and other bodywork therapies can be added on if planned in advance.
See:  www.eastcottbarn.co.uk

Apply to: info@eastcottbarn.co.uk
(copy to) chi.gung@btinternet.com


Conscious Connections and Talks Workshops : Finland

A continuing series of events using chi gung to connect the individual to the ‘bigger picture’ of an evolving consciousness.

 15-17 February (Sopukka Residential Centre)
 5-7 July (Sopukka
 16-18 August  (Helsinki and Tampere)  
 24-25 August (Sopukka)

 16-17 November (Helsinki)

July in Finland, when the sun is in the sky for most of the day and the nights  are light - an opportunity to engage more fully with solar energy. 

In August, a residential weekend course (24-25.8) for people who have been practising shibashi taichi (and who may be new to the practice) to discover more about the movements and how they circulate chi through the body.  Preceded by three informal conversations about living more consciously (16-17-18.8).

In November a weekend seminar (16-17.8) on conscious living: How to escape the troublesome psychological life; the Five Transitions; conscious relationships.

For all details of Finnish events and bookings contact:


Unannounced Events

Informal talks on conscious living, small group sessions and additional chi gung practice sessions are sometimes held at short notice.  To find out about these you need to express your interest and supply your email address to contact@bigger-picture.net.


Chi Gathering: Dunster, Somerset
25 April - 2 May

Seven days in Somerset, gathering chi. Visitors from Finland work with earth energies in the landscape.  Staying in the medieval village of Dunster, walking in woods, by streams and by the sea, visiting the Chalice Well at Glastonbury, practicing shibashi at Dunster Castle, gathering the various conscious connections that have been made in workshops in Finland over the last four years.  £800


Clive Tempest

Speaking of solar chi and earth energy in Dunster Churchyard during the Chi Gathering event April 2013. You can say the balls of light and the purple orb are camera effects. But are they?


The photograph at the top of this page is a still from a short film - a video meditation - which can be seen here

Enquiries: contact@bigger-picture.net



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