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Most of these mp3s were recorded together at workshops and retreats and so give you a more complete experience of an event. Some talks and sessions are also separately available in the other categories. By purchasing sets of recordings rather buying them one at a time, you benefit from a discount.


Chi Gung: Principles & Practice

A programme of four recordings:
1. Chi and the Body: How chi accumulates in your personal 'energy architecture'. 80 mins.
2. Chi and Wellbeing: The benefits and qualities of chi gung exercise. 57 mins
3. Chi and Space: The chi of nature and universal chi. 55 mins.
4. Chi and Intention: The practice of 'going vertical'. 27 mins.

The whole programme, recorded in October and November 2019, is a bundle of four mp3s, over three and a half hours of listening, for a total price of 35. Full details here.


The Buckland Hall Retreat

Six talks and six nei gung sessions recorded during five days in a large mansion in the Brecon Beacons of Wales, April 28 to May 2 2019. Details of the Retreat here

- An exploration of space: inner, outer, time-space and the shared space of love.
- Strategies and tactics for living more consciously.
- The impediments of familiarity and wilfulness and how to overcome them.

Both the talks and the nei gung sessions can be downloaded as mp3s as bundles of six. 50 for a bundle. If you came to the retreat you can apply by email for a discounted price of 30 for each bundle.

Buckland Hall Six Talks 50

Buckland Hall Six Nei Gung Sessions 50


The Power of Chi: An Introduction to Nei Gung

A Course of Seven Lessons recorded at classes with the Taunton Chi Gung Group January-February 2019. Each recording is around 50-60 minutes long and includes exercises and meditations, with instruction in how to breath in chi and increase your awareness of the space in your body. The course is available in two bundles of mp3s. Please note that the recording quality improves as the series continues.

Nei Gung: One, Two, Three and Four The primary conscious connection, scanning the energy body, drawing chi from the breath, the seated presence, dropping the mask of personality, working with the chi to free sadness and anxiety in the upper burner.
30 for four mp3s

Nei Gung: Five, Six and Seven Increased awareness of energy circuits in the body, opening up inner space, working with the power of chi to deal with reservations and dread, breathing from the middle burner, resonance, delegating the breathing to accumulated chi, the residence of chi in the lower burner, the fire that consumes the past, the Rod of Authority, the Ring of Unity and the Orb of Power.
24 for three mp3s


The Smokeham Farm Retreat

Three evening Fireside Talks and two morning sessions - practising chi breathing and working with healing sounds - recorded at an Autumn Retreat in the Quantock Hills of Somerset 15-19 October 2018. Details of the Retreat here
Five bundled mp3s for 40


The Nynehead Court Workshops: The Blessing Chi

Recorded over two weekends at Nynehead Court, Somerset, 1415 April and 2627 May 2018. Details of the event here.

Two Nei Gung Sessions and Two Talks 32 for four mp3s


The Course in Conscious Living: An Overview

A Weekend Seminar Recorded at the Sopukka Centre near Helsinki, Finland, March 16-18 2018. This is an overview of the Course in Conscious Living as it had developed over the previous three years - how to escape from the troublesome psychological life, engage more consciously with 'the real you' and see your life in the bigger picture of life's purpose. The Course helps you transcend the main features of the psychological life enough to become a True Individual. Read more about the original Course here.

There are eight mp3s bundled in this set of recordings, running for between 50 and 128 mins - 11 hours of material in all. Whether you listen to them in real time over one weekend or dip into them a bit at a time, there is a mass of content here that will bear repeated listening. If you attended the original event at Sopukka, email us to get a discounted price of 50.
75 for eight mp3s



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